Peter Hall & Son - The Goldsmiths Pavilion Exhibition

When I heard of my friend's good news that they had been asked to exhibit in The Goldsmiths Company Pavilion Exhibition at Summerset House in London with a beautifully designed contemporary chest of drawers, I immediately offered my services to photograph it. The exhibition is for guild mark holders only and represents the best in jewellery, silverware and furniture design and making. They were asked because they have previously been awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark. The Bespoke Guild Mark Awards could be seen as the furniture makers' equivalent to a Michelin Award. It is a highly prestigious award for an individual piece of furniture which meets the highest standard of design, materials, quality and fitness for purpose. Only four or five are awarded per year. In fact, when Peter Hall & Son were awarded the accolade in 2004, there were only two awarded that year. Peter Hall & Son have been renowned high-end furniture makers, designers and antique restorers for the past forty years. Based in Staveley, Cumbria, they have a small, dedicated team of furniture makers working in the family business. The chosen design for the award was based on Aira Force waterfall, above Ullswater, in Cumbria. I photographed the model which was made from the initial concept sketches in my studio, but I had to wait for the finished piece to be made before having the opportunity to make images of that. The finished chest of drawers is simply a wonder to look at in the flesh. It's made from ripple sycamore, which has beautiful horizontal silvery grain, that resembles waves in water. This was another nice touch to the waterfall design. The chest of drawers took about 500 hours to make by a team of five craftsmen. You can really tell that many collective years experience has gone into this piece from it's elegance and quality. I wanted to represent the chest of drawers's quality and design through a carefully-lit photograph. Although the model was small enough to fit into my studio, the finished piece was definitely not. This had to be photographed in their workshop instead. I'm quite used to setting up a studio on a client's premises, so this part was fairly straightforward. Using various lights and reflectors, I achieved the right feeling to the image. I was intrigued by the way the wood glowed in the light. We experimented with angles to get as much of the design to show in a single image. Some details were also taken while we had things set up. To see more of the furniture designed by them, please visit their website: or have a look at their journal at And here's my website: We at Photography by Ward wish the guys at Peter Hall & Son success with their exhibit.

Fore more details please visit Peter Hall & Son's website and journal:
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