I am Dayve Ward. I'm a professional product photographer working in the UK. In my spare time I continue my passion with photography by making images for my personal portfolio and some of my work is presented here.
I have always been interested in the visual world around me and I use photography as a way to capture the essence of it. I see light and composition in everything. To see colour, texture and form has always fascinated and intrigued me. Looking back at my work I have certain areas and subjects that I find particularly interesting. The landscape has always inspired me. Living in Cumbria has a wealth of visual interest. The play of light on the fells and lakes induces a calm and tranquillity in the images I make here. I also love visiting cities and being immersed in the colour, movement and energy that I find there. Man-made things and curios also hold my interest too. Visiting disused places, old buildings and finding discarded objects, with their history shining through from their rusting surfaces is truly a wonder.
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