I often visit interesting places from cities to derelict buildings to museums. Many of which are re-visited over again in the search for details and features that cannot be taken in in one go. I have an eye for the detail. Often I get overwhelmed by the sheer richness in texture and colour in even the most mundane of locations. Light is often key in bringing out rich texture and colours and the re-visits are also beneficial to see these places in different light. I think there's often a story behind many places, especially the history of a long-gone industry or what remains of a family home. Recording such places before they are demolished and emerge as something new is important for social history. Memories fade but images help re-kindle the past.
Ettore Guatelli once said, “These are humble things, sure, but some of them are incredibly ingenious, poetic in their humility, and loveable. That makes you want to understand who was there, and what was behind these objects. It makes you want to know in what way and under what circumstances these items were used”.
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